People Plan Dialogue

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"What we talk about, we do - if we measure"

Personnel financial key figures show WHERE on the map we are and WHERE we should go. To make the right decisions and make the right priorities, we need to have a dialogue about HOW we should do. People Plan Dialogue  guides us through a number of issues that end in a  concrete ACTION PLAN  .

Working with dialogue screens is an appreciated method that creates great opportunities for interaction and engagement. The result depends on the active participation of all participants. This method has been tried and tested for many years and in various contexts and works very well.

The methodology in People Plan Dialogue is based on working in a group of 3-6 people, actively working together and involving everyone in the group. The work is based on the People Plan Dialogue with clear information and questions. Instructions, tasks and questions are written with text facing outwards so that everyone in the group can naturally read, explain to the others in the group and make notes. The group follows the instructions and solves the tasks that are included.

What's in the box?

People Plan Dialogue - a dialogue cloth with questions

The Key Figures Institute has developed the People Plan Dialogue, which contains three question areas for the group to work through. All solutions and answers require dialogue and commitment. Thus, the participants also become jointly responsible for the result. People Plan Dialogue is also used as a large notepad, which means that all answers are entered on the screen according to the instructions that appear. The notes on the dialogue screen are compiled and then form the basis for further work.

While the notes are important for future work, many who have worked with dialogue cloths state that it is the good and awareness-raising conversations that have had the greatest significance.

The work with People Plan Dialogue creates an increased understanding of the organization’s activities, where the key figures are linked to business goals and strategies. This in turn creates a strengthened sense of belonging in the organization’s development work.