Gender Equality Index Jämix®


How is gender equality in your organization?

The Gender Equality Index JÄMIX illustrates the level of gender equality in working conditions  work environment and employment terms within your organization. The index has been developed in collaboration with the former Equality Ombudsman, and the key performance indicators highlight important aspects of gender equality. JÄMIX, is about how gender-equal your organization is.

With the Gender Equality Index, you get:

  • Assistance to analyze and present 21 key performance indicators in gender equality.
  • A historical overview of the development of gender equality in your organization over time.
  • Opportunity to compare gender equakity within your organization internally, for example at the departmental level.
  • Opportunity to compare the gender equality in your organization with others in the industry.
  • Foundation for conducting a goal-oriented gender equality work, including ready-made charts and tables to download and present.

Nine key performance indicators that comprise the Gender Equality Index

IThe nine key performance indicators which your organization´s gender equality is analyzed are: