Foreign Background Indicator

Foreign background indicator

Messaure the level of diversity in your organisation.

Nyckeltalsinstitutet has developed HR indicators which show the organisation’s situation in terms of employees with foreign backgrounds. Diversity includes many different factors which is why we have decided to name our index “Foreign background indicator” to clarify the elements we can measure using data and indicators.

Foreign background indicators show what the personnel structure  looks like in your company/organisation.


We help you process, map out and report on the indicators

We use the standard definition of “foreign background” as used by SCB (Statistics Sweden) = self born in another country or both parents born in another country. Background is divided as follows, Swedish Background, Nordic Background, European Background and born utside Europe.

If desired, we can also use more categories than those above, for example Asia, Africa, South/North America, as long as there are sufficient numbers of employees per category to carry out a survey.