In a world of opinion, we deliver facts that contribute to successful employers!

Based on data and scientific analyses Nyckeltalsportalen® illustrates how attractive, sustainable and gender-equal employer you are – compared to others in the industry.

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Trough analysis and systematic measuresments using HR key perfomance indicators, we creat an overview of current working conditions, gender equality and health – over time and in comparison to others in the industry.

Attractive Employer Index(AVI)®

Analyzes how attractive working conditions you have in your organization.

Gender Equality Index JÄMIX®

Measures how gender-equal your organization is.

Health Index

Analyzes the health status of employees in the organization!

Swedish & International Background

Analyzes the diversity in the  organization.

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Nyckeltalsinstitutet AB is one of the main players in people analytics in Sweden.

Since 1996, through scientific measurement methods, we have collected, analyzed and reported HR economic data to provide crucial decision-making foundations, fostering an engaged workforce and succesful employers.

As a result, Nyckeltalsinstitutet has established a Swedish standard for HR key performance indicators, which is widely used by many companies and organizations in Sweden today.

Our vision

In a world of opinion, we deliver facts that contribute to successful employers

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Training and WEBINARS

Our instructors and events recive top ratings from participants, something we take great pride in

Nyckeltalsinstitutet organizes both open and company-tailored training sessions and webinars in areas such as People analytics, HR Business, Personnel Economics and Statistics.

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